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Further resources

Further information about the history of commons and their enclosure is available on the National Archives website.   

Fact sheets

The Chilterns Commons Network has produced some useful fact sheets which are available to download. 

28 August 2008
Common Land - Rights & Responsibilities (pdf 57Kb)

Chilterns Commons Factsheet 2

28 August 2008
What is Common Land? (pdf 56Kb)

Chilterns Common Factsheet 1

Two sets of comprehensive fact sheets about commons have been published by Natural England.

The Common Land Toolkit (reference NE285)

These fact sheets provide practical guidance for those involved with commons under practical agricultural management by farmers and commoners. The documents provide background information on commons, technical and legal aspects relating to commons and defining or constraining their management, and help for those involved with management.

Stimulating Action on Local Commons (reference NE296)

This set of 17 fact sheets is aimed at local groups considering action for the better management of their common land. It is especially aimed at those sites which are appreciated by local communities for their amenity value, but where such sites are changing because there are now few or no active commoners who are exercising rights, and traditional agricultural management is limited or has ceased. The fact sheets explain how a parish council or other community which has obtained the backing of the landowner, can take an increased interest and involvement in their ‘patch’, investigate its past, care for its future, and manage it to enhance its access, landscape and wildlife qualities. 

In December 2014, DEFRA bought into force the provisions of the Commons Act 2006.  DEFRA published two short factsheets with guidance - follow these links

www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/386738/commonsact-factsheet1.pdf   is about Registration.  NB Hertfordshire is one of the pilot areas for new registrations of manorial waste.

www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/386739/commonsact-factsheet2.pdf   is about wrongly registered land, ie what to do if you want to de-register a bit of a common.

Further general information about common land and village greens is available from Defra and Natural England on these pages

Common land and village greens

Carrying out works on common land

Managing common land

Set up a commons council - relevant for commons in agricultural management

The ‘Building Commons Knowledge Project’ has online resources relating to contemporary and historical common land management and culture in England and Wales. See  http://commons.ncl.ac.uk.  They have also written a ‘Commons History Toolkit’ to help commoners and local historians record the history of their commons.  

A Common Purpose Guide (published by The Open Spaces Society)

As commons are treasured by many, conflicts relating to management and issues of access can occur.  This document provides guidance on how to engage with local communities for those contemplating management on common land. This version (revised in Sept 2012) takes account of changes in legislation and builds on lessons learned since first introduced.

Training workshop materials

Handouts and further resources from our popular programme of training workshops can be found on this page.


Annual reviews of the Project

Chilterns Commons Project final report 2015

Chilterns Commons Project annual report 2014

Chilterns Commons Project annual report 2013

Chilterns Commons Project annual report 2012

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