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Guidance for Landowners

Over thousands of years people have shaped the Chilterns through their use and traditional management of the land. The decline of industries such as farming and forestry has led to a change in land use and with it, the way in which land is managed. These changes have the potential to alter this well loved landscape.

What can I do to help?

Making small changes in the way you manage your land can have wide ranging environmental and landscape benefits. These changes do not have to be labour intensive or expensive. For example, white electric fencing is highly visible, whereas brown or green performs the same function but without the landscape impact. Choosing locally occurring native species of trees and shrubs will benefit wildlife and look more natural than exotic species such as Laurel and Leylandii.

What advice can I get?

The Chilterns Conservation Board has put together a free information pack called the Chilterns Landowners’ Guide to provide advice to landowners and managers. We can also visit and advise you for free and direct you to specialists who can give advice tailored to your individual situation.

There are fourteen leaflets in the Guide:

19 December 2000
Archaeology in the Chilterns (pdf 865Kb)
19 December 2000
Caring for Chiltern Commons (pdf 409Kb)
19 December 2000
Chalk Grassland (pdf 488Kb)
19 December 2000
Chiltern Woodlands (pdf 499Kb)
19 December 2000
Fencing for Horse Owners (pdf 290Kb)
19 December 2000
Grass Management for Horse Owners (pdf 107Kb)
19 December 2000
Hedge Management (pdf 164Kb)
19 December 2000
Hedge Planting (pdf 155Kb)
19 December 2000
Horse Pasture Management Calendar (pdf 313Kb)
19 December 2000
Land Management for Horse Owners (pdf 1Mb)
This is a summary of the other horse owner leaflets listed here
19 December 2000
Planning for Landowners (pdf 401Kb)
19 December 2000
Ponds (pdf 149Kb)
19 December 2000
Public Rights of Way (pdf 651Kb)
19 December 2000
Trees and Hedges for Horse Owners (pdf 986Kb)

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