Special Trees & Woods Project Archive

The Special Trees and Woods Project ran from 2006 to 2010 and was tremendously successful, largely thanks to a team of committed volunteers who researched and recorded the history of special trees and woods in photographs, paintings, maps, books and direct from local people themselves.

Volunteers carried out research by visiting the trees and woods (with agreement from the land owner) and visiting local museums, archives, record centres, local authorities, libraries and talking directly to local people.

Recording special trees and woods

Trees and woods are special for different reasons. A tree or wood might be classed as special if it is:

  • Old
  • Rare
  • A local landmark
  • Planted as a celebration
  • Of social relevance
  • Associated with local folklore

Measuring trees can provide information about the age of the tree, its history and how it was managed in the past. The reasons and techniques for measuring trees can be found inThe Why and How of Tree Measurement

Project volunteers and members of the public recorded special trees and woods in the Chilterns by:

  • Measuring them
  • Recording the grid reference
  • Taking photos
  • Telling us why they were special

When recording special trees and woods please remember that trees and woods always belong to the landowner.

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