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Chiltern Woodlands Project

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The aim of the Chiltern Woodlands Project is to promote and encourage the sensitive and sustainable management of Chiltern woods in order to protect the landscape of the Chilterns and maintain and enhance its biodiversity. The Project was started in 1989 by The Chiltern Society and is now an independent charity, based in the Chilterns Conservation Board office.

The Project promotes a sustainable woodland economy and raises awareness, understanding and enjoyment of woodlands through its regular newsletter and other publications. See a Gallery of images from the Project.


Sawpit in Bottom Wood

The Project offers a number of services:

  • Woodland Management advice (free first visit).
  • Woodland Management plans.
  • Tree and Woodland Surveys.
  • Woodland ecological and historical assessments.
  • Woodland Grant applications.
  • Felling licence applications to the Forestry Commission.
  • Identifying, selecting and marking trees for felling.
  • Training, Events, Conferences, Talks & Guided walks.
  • Type of woodland, methods of management and maintenance of trees.
  • An assessment of the condition of the trees and woodland.
  • A discussion on aims and objectives for the wood (s) and options.
  • Woodland biodiversity - identification of woodland flora & fauna.
  • Woodland archaeology - what features are present e.g. sawpits, banks.
  • Ancient woodland management and restoration.
  • Tree health and disease issues.
  • Pest control - identification of likely problems and possible solutions.
  • Timber utilisation - what trees are present and how they can be used or sold.
  • Tree and hedge planting, protection and aftercare.
  • Practical management such as weeding, pruning and ride cutting.
  • Contractor contacts or other ways to implement work.
  • Working with volunteer groups.

There is a charge for these services. Please contact the Project Director John Morris (details below) for more information. John has over 30 years' experience advising on woodlands in the Chilterns.

More information

The Project's Business Plan and Prospectus for 2009-12 provides a good overview of the range of work it undertakes and its achievements.

Contact: John Morris, Director
Chiltern Woodlands Project
The Lodge
90 Station Road
OX39 4HA
Telephone 01844 355503
Email woodlands@chilternsaonb.org


Information and advice articles

A number of information and advice articles produced by the Project are available to download here:

11 July 2002
Air Drying of Timber (pdf 251Kb)
An information pack developed by the Chiltern Woodlands Project
3 November 2011
Benefits of thinning in woodlands (pdf 134Kb)
Advice sheet on the best ways to thin woodlands to enhance timber quality and wildlife.
3 November 2011
Deadwood (pdf 124Kb)
Management advice on the value of deadwood in woodlands.
3 November 2011
Ivy on trees (pdf 144Kb)
The pros and cons of leaving ivy on trees.
3 November 2011
On-site sawmilling and timber conversion (pdf 189Kb)
An introduction to using a mobile sawmill to process timber.
3 November 2011
Protecting woodland archaeological features (pdf 263Kb)
How to identify archaeological features in woodlands and avoid damaging them during woodland operations.
3 November 2011
Woodland bats (pdf 139Kb)
Information on protecting bat species found in woodlands.


Registered charity no 1002512 : Chiltern Woodlands Project Ltd : Registered in England as company limited by guarantee number 2357329




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Project Publications

Special Trees and Woods of the Chilterns. A beautifully-illustrated full-colour 176 page book.

 The Cultural Heritage of Chiltern Woodlands. A fully-illustrated guide to the fascinating story of local woodlands and historic features to look for.

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