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Practical conservation

Rivers Week 2013

Organised under the banner of Revive the Wye, a local communtiy partnership dedicated to the protection and conservation of the R. Wye, the purpose of Rivers Week was to inspire all those interested in rivers and wildlife conservation and to help learn more about the Wye and achieve more for their local river environment whilst, of course, helping to improve the quality of the R. Wye along the way.


Habitat enhancement training days

As part of Rivers Week 2013, the Environment Agency and Chilterns Chalk Streams Project held a series of one day practical river habitat enhancement training courses along the R. Wye, supported by Thames Water, the Chiltern Rangers and the Chiltern Society.  Three habitat enhancement training days were held along the river on the 19th, 21st and 22nd November.

The training days were free to attend and were aimed at anyone interested in practical conservation of their local river or stream.

40 people attended the three days receiving practical training in simple, low cost, practical techniques that can be used to improve river habitat for fish and other wildlife.  After the lunch break, talks were given on by Thames Water on water quality and the problems of sewage misconnections and on riverfly monitoring by the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project Officer. It is hoped that those who attended will take away with them the knowledge and techniques that they will be able to use to further improve the R. Wye and other local rivers.



Ver training day

Cutting logs for use in the Chess

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