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Save Water

Demand for water in the Chilterns area is amongst the highest in the country.  The majority of this demand is for domestic use (96% of all water supplied in the Chess catchment for example, is for household use).  Currently, the average daily water use in the area is more than 160 litres per person, but during hot weather this can increase by 15-20%.

Like the Chilterns Chalk Streams, we also rely on the chalk aquifer for our water supply. The more water we use, the less water flows in these rivers.  We can all help to protect the Chilterns chalk streams by reducing our daily water use and there are load of ways we can do this. The best part is not only will we help save our precious rivers but they will save money too.

Some simple things to try:

  • Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth could save 6-12 litres
  • Fix that dripping tap - a tap dripping once every second wastes approximately 25 litres of water a day
  • Instead of a bath take a short shower (4 minutes)
  • Try taking a bucket into the shower - you could save up to 10 litres of water which you can use to water the garden!
  • Use your washing up water to water the garden. Soap will not harm your plants.
  • Let your lawn go brown – it will recover
  • Re-use paddling pool to water the garden rather than pouring it away
  • Avoid using hosepipes and sprinklers as these can use up to 1000 litres in just one hour!
  • Water your garden at night, when it has most benefit, with a watering can
  • Wash your car after the heatwave - use a bucket of water instead of a hosepipe
  • When you decide to replace then choose a water efficient a washing machine or dishwater - modern dishwashers can use as little as 13 litres per load.
  • Only run your dishwater or washing machine when it is fully loaded
  • Get free water saving devices from your water supplier - Affinity Water, Thames Water
  • Get a water meter - it will help tell you how much water and money you are saving! 




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