Goodbye to concrete straitjacket

Friday 29 August 2014

From a concrete straitjacket to natural curves – the River Wye at Desborough Recreation Ground in High Wycombe has acquired a much more typical chalk stream character through a project organised by the Revive the Wye initiative.

As the pictures show, the concrete has gone and the river now has soft natural banks and a more meandering course. Obstacles which prevented fish movement have also been removed. Water flow has increased to a rate more typical of natural chalk streams, which keeps the gravel river bed free from silt, making it a better home for aquatic wildlife.

Wye millstream DesboroughWye millstream realigned

Left: the River Wye millstream at Desborough Rec Ground in its concrete channel  

Right: the re-aligned channel with natural curves and sloping earth banks


The work had support from the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, Wycombe District Council, the Wild Trout Trust, the Environment Agency and the Chiltern Society.


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