Local Spaces : Open Minds - Changing Attitudes

Thursday 23 April 2015

Commons are resources that are shared in some way by different individuals, communities, or groups.  Improving the management of commons is vital to supporting the challenge of today’s increasingly urban society and for a healthy society, we need more green spaces which are better quality, better used and close to where people live.  

As explored in the companion publication, Our Common Heritage, commons play a valuable role in our natural and cultural heritage.  They are part of our green open space resource, important wildlife habitats and contain centuries of local history within them but they, like other green space, are also often ‘contested spaces’.

Determining and setting out a future for key areas of open space is essential, but a daunting challenge for any individual.  These reports provide a refreshing look at how open spaces can be enjoyed, treasured and valued. 

The Local Spaces : Open Minds publication is available as a free download from the website.


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