Chilterns Conservation Board unanimously agrees to request a review to consider National Park status

Thursday 28 June 2018

Following a campaign for the Chilterns to become a National Park by Cheryl Gillan MP in December 2017, The Board feels that the Chilterns AONB needs enhanced recognition to enable it to fulfil its purposes for caring for the Chilterns and felt the case could be made for National Park status on the following grounds:


  • The Chilterns is already designated for its outstanding natural beauty and has a long list of special qualities including chalk streams and ancient woodland, some of which are rare nationally and even internationally and many of which are unique in the region.
  • There are few other designated landscapes which could claim to have as much recreational opportunity as the Chilterns, due to our extensive network of rights of way, to 1.6 million people living within 8km and to ten million people living within an hour.
  • The Chilterns is probably the most accessible protected landscape in Europe, due to the extensive road, rail, underground and rights of way network of the area.
  • National Park status would give a greater recognition to the value of the Chilterns and would create the potential for a more strategic view to be taken on the need for and impacts of development across the whole geography.
  • The lack of other designated landscapes in the region and the enormous population nearby makes the Chilterns ideally placed to be a new National Park and would help it fulfil its potential, to benefit society.

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