Revive the Wye finds unexploded bomb in local river

Monday 21 May 2012

Divers from the High Wycombe Sub Aqua Club made a worrying discovery while helping to clear rubbish from the Rive Wye on 19th May.  Helping out with the Revive the Wye Project's most recent river volunteer clean-up, divers discovered an unexploded bomb while recovering rubbish from the bottom of the Rye Dyke at Holywell Mead. © Roger Wilding

Steve Batham, the diver who found the bomb, was initially unaware of what he had found until closer inspection by HWSAC's dive marshall revealed that it was in fact, a mortarbomb. Once identified, the mortar was lowered carefully back into the dyke and the surrounding area was cordoned off while the emergency services were called.  Members of the Bomb Squad arrived swiftly and took the mortar away for safe disposal.

The suprising events of Saturday's work party brought an end to a very sucessful day for the project.  A large amount of litter was removed from the Dyke and much interest was stimulated amongst the local community. The Sub Aqua Club have posted a video of the day which can be viewed here.

© Roger WildlingRevive the Wye is a joint community initiative of local organisations including the Chilterns Chilterns Chalk Streams Project which aims to protect and conserve the River Wye and make it a special place that people can enjoy and where wildlife can flourish. As part of its work, the Project organises regular volunteer work parties, which carry out a variety of tasks from litter clearance to habitat improvement for fish and wildlife.

If you would like to help improve the River Wye, Revive the Wye have a number of events planned this year.



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